The British Agricultural History Society is pleased to announce that this site has been superseded by LIBRAL 3.0 (also known as LIBRAL/MEMSO) and is now closed.

We have been working with TannerRitchie Publishing to use their MEMSOshell platform to provide better facilities. LIBRAL 3.0 now has over 400 digitized items uploaded to it, including 72 volumes of Farmer's Magazine and 45 issues of Dairy World. Please sign up for LIBRAL 3.0 here:

Please use this form if you have a question about LIBRAL or experience a problem (even if you have found a solution to it), or any other comments (positive or negative).

(The only item available here on LIBRAL 2.0 that we have not been able to upload to LIBRAL 3.0 yet is the Journal of the Forestry Commission, which is password-protected. If you are particularly keen on using this please let us know.)

We hope you have enjoyed using LIBRAL and that you will enjoy using the new version even more!