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The British Agricultural History Society is pleased to announce that this site will close on or before 10 January 2019. It has, however already been superseded by LIBRAL 3.0, also known as LIBRAL/MEMSO.

We have been working with TannerRitchie Publishing to use their MEMSOshell platform to provide better facilities. LIBRAL 3.0 now has over 300 digitized items uploaded to it, including 72 volumes of Farmer's Magazine and 45 issues of Dairy World. We think that LIBRAL 3.0 is already better than LIBRAL 2.0, but there are still more improvements in the pipeline. Please sign up for LIBRAL 3.0 here:

Please use this form if you have a question about LIBRAL or experience a problem (even if you have found a solution to it), or any other comments (positive or negative).

(The only item available here on LIBRAL 2.0 that we have not been able to upload to LIBRAL 3.0 yet is the Journal of the Forestry Commission, which is password-protected. If you are particularly keen on using this please let us know.)

We hope you have enjoyed using LIBRAL and that you will enjoy using the new version even more!

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LIBRAL is a service provided free-of-charge by the British Agricultural History Society, which is a registered charity (251851). Scanning books and periodicals and making them available costs money. Please make a donation to support our work. Clicking the Donate button will take you to PayPal, where you specify the amount you wish to donate.

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Just some examples...

Ellis, Chiltern and Vale Farming Explained (1745) (an example of a Multi-file document: the document has only one entry in the All Titles list but was split into multiple PDFs to speed download time)

Michael Turner's transcription of the 1801 Crop Returns (an example of a Series of related documents: each has a separate entry in the All Titles list)

General views of agriculture of the County of Fife, one of many 'General Views of Agriculture' in the B. Literature by country and county category.

Journal of the Farmers' Club (1914) [another example of a series]

One of a series of MAF leaflets and bulletins

One of the complete run of the Journal of the Forestry Commission (1922-69)