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All titles in LIBRAL

To find a publication you can sort and filter this list. Clicking on the title will give you more details about the publication.

About the column headers

Added: indicates the date the publication was added to LIBRAL, in YYYYMMDD format.
Author: includes the names of up to two authors, or one with et al. if there are more than one.
Title: the full title of the publication.
Vol: the volume (if more than one).
Edn: the edition (if not the first).
Date: the date of publication.

About sorting and filtering

To sort by the contents of a column click on the diamond next to the column header. Click again to sort in the opposite direction.

Filtering is very simple: you can only filter by one box at a time, and it is not case-sensitive. To reset, click the Show all titles button below the boxes.

Tip for finding titles by date: type (e.g.) ‘201703’ in the Date Added filter to see all titles added in March 2017. (‘Added since a certain date’ is on my list of things to do.)

Filter by:
Date added: Author: Title: Date of publication:
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